The Westmorland Decorative and Fine Arts Society is affiliated to the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts which was established to disseminate information about the many treasures to be found in this country and beyond.

The Westmorland branch was formed in March 1993. The president is Lord Hothfield. The Society is run by members for the members. In the past we have had illustrated lectures on: furniture, painting, woodcarving, jewellery, fabrics and tapestries, Christmas traditions, music and musicians to name but a few.

The National Association has a register of accredited lecturers who travel around the country speaking on all manner of topics under the banner of Decorative and Fine arts. The task of compiling the programme falls to the Programme Secretary. Every year there is a meeting in London for Secretaries to meet to hear established and prospective lecturers give a short talk on their subject. A programme of lectures will be built up from this meeting and of course from member’s requests and suggestions. Days of special interest are arranged for those who enjoy more in depth information about a particular subject. Day visits are arranged to places of special interest and may be connected to a lecture.

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